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Monday, February 6, 2012

P90X2 Plyocide Review

If you know anything about P90X2 you know it is not a cardio based routine. In fact there isn't even a real cardio workout in the entire program. Some people might try to argue that Plyocide is cardio but it is more a power workout. There are some minor cardio elements in the workout to suit peoples needs. This is a very good workout it may not be as intense as Insanity but that is no reason to over look this powerful workout!

Plyocide starts with the usual Stability Ball and Foam Rolling. The warm up starts with The Worlds Greatest Stretch, Inch Worm, Scorpion and Groiners.
The main workout consists of 20 non-repeat moves:

Wide Leg Tiptoe Squat: In a wide leg stance squat, touching the floor with your hands, then come up onto your toes and bring your arms above your head.

Killer Katherine Lunge: Jumping lounges with a Medicine Ball or weight lifting it above your head with each jump, some fast some slower.
Fast Feet Chair Jump: Staying in Chair Pose do Fast Feet and Jump on Tony's Command.
Slalom Line Jump: Jumping feet together in a zig zag back and forth line.

Warrior 3 Lunge: Start in a deep Lunge with your hands touching the ground then kick off into Warrior  3.
Jack In The Box Knee Tuck: Starting in a deep squat with your hands on the ground jump up, tuck your knees in and touch them with your hands.
Think Drill: Upon Tony's command go into a Set Position, Go Sprint in wide or narrow legs, and up or lowered arms.

Spartan Squat Lunge: Jump from a Squat to a Lunge Position and move your opposite arm up above your head and down to the floor.

Super Skater Kicks: Super Skater with a kick as you come up.
Depth Charge: Using a Stool step up on it then jump off and jump up into the air arms up.

Frog Burpee Hop: A basic Wide Legged Burpee with a Tuck Jump when you come back up.
1 Leg Slalom: A One Legged Slalom.

1 Leg Squat: On one Leg Squat down and touch your foot with the opposite hand then go back up tp standing and raise the same arm into the air.
Surfer Spin: Turn 180 degrees twice then the opposite direction in a Wide Legged Squat.
Power 90 Cross Hop: Hop in a diagonal then switch diagonals when Tony says.

Wide Leg Jump Press With Med Ball: Jump up while in the air open out your Legs wide at the same time pressing a Medicine Ball up in the air.

Launcher Lunge: In wide stance and a Medicine Ball lunge to one side and touch the ball to the floor then turn and kick off on one Leg while lift the ball up in the air.

Toe Tap 360: With a Medicine Ball on the floor do a high knee like jog around the ball in different directions tapping it with your toe.

Flying Fighter Kicks: Hitch Kick forward then do a back kick with the opposite leg.

Set Sprint Plank Plyo Jump: Another Tony says exercise. This time the positions are Set, Sprint, Plank and Plyo Tuck Jump!

This workout is guaranteed to work up a sweat! It may not be as drill intense as Insanity but Plyocide is no piece of cake either!

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